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The Unforeseen Battlefield: Small Businesses as the New Frontline in National Cybersecurity

The advent of the digital age has not only streamlined business processes but also brought along with it the increased risk of cyber threats. Recent trends indicate a shift in hacker focus from large corporations to unsuspecting targets such as small businesses, including mom-and-pop stores. The paper, titled “The Unforeseen Battlefield: Small Businesses as the […]

Build Your Cyber Fortress: A Hands-On Workshop on Setting Up a Free Home Lab with LimaCharlie

Workshop Abstract: In this hands-on workshop at Hack Red Con, participants will get a comprehensive guide to setting up a free home lab using LimaCharlie’s robust security infrastructure. This workshop is designed for technically inclined individuals from various industries who wish to understand how to set up, monitor, and maintain a home lab environment. — […]