Hook, Line, & Cyber: A Fisherman’s Guide to Building A Security Operations Center

A robust Security Operations Center (SOC) is essential for protecting an organization from cyber
threats. This presentation presents a guide for building an effective SOC, using a fishing
metaphor to illustrate key concepts. It then discusses the importance of understanding the
“ocean” of potential threats and having the right “gear” to catch them. Then, it explores the
importance of having a “fishing net” or a well-defined incident response plan. The presentation
also covers “reeling in, ” analyzing data, and “cleaning and storing” data for
future reference. Finally, the exhibit examines the importance of having a “skilled fisherman” or
experienced security analyst and “sharing catches” or information sharing with other
organizations. Overall, this presentation is intended to help organizations build an effective SOC
that can secure them from cyber threats, just as a skilled fisherman can secure their catch.

Keywords: SOC, Cyber Threats, Fishing Metaphor, Incident Response Plan, Data
Analysis, Information Sharing, Security Analysts

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